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United States Air Force controllers at Yokota Air Base situated close to the flight path of Flight 123 had been monitoring the aircraft that is distressed calls for help. They maintained contact through the entire ordeal with Japanese flight control officials and made their landing strip open to the aeroplane. The Atsugi Naval Base also cleared their runway for JAL 123 after being alerted of this ordeal. After losing track on radar, a U.S. Air Force C-130 from the 345th TAS was asked to find the missing plane. The C-130 crew was the first to spot the crash site 20 minutes after impact, although it was still daylight. The crew sent the location to Japanese authorities and Yokota that is radioed Air to alert them and directed a Huey helicopter from Yokota towards the crash site. Rescue teams were assembled when preparing to lessen Marines down for rescues by helicopter tow line. Despite American offers of assistance in locating and recovering the crashed plane, an order arrived, saying that U.S. personnel were to stand down and announcing that the Japan Self-Defense Forces were going to take care of it themselves and outside help was not necessary. Even today, it really is unclear who issued the order denying U.S. forces permission to begin search and rescue missions.Although a JSDF helicopter eventually spotted the wreck during the night, poor visibility together with difficult mountainous terrain prevented it from landing during the site. The pilot reported through the air that there were no signs of survivors. According to this report, JSDF personnel on the floor did not set out to the website the of the crash night.