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System Prompt (human-written):Recycling is wonderful for the whole world


Model Completion (machine-written, 25 tries)

Recycling just isn’t advantageous to the whole world. It really is harmful to environmental surroundings, it really is detrimental to our overall health, and it’s also detrimental to our economy. I am maybe maybe not joking. Recycling is certainly not great for the environmental surroundings. It really is destructive to your earth and it’s also a significant contributor to international warming. Recycling just isn’t beneficial to our health and wellness. It plays a part in obesity and conditions like heart illness and cancer tumors. Recycling is harmful to our economy. It does increase the price of an item, and as a result, the price tag on exactly what is made out of that item. Recycling is certainly not great for our country. We spend a significant cost for the privilege of experiencing the whole world’s most advanced level and efficient recycling system.