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Vigil in Cyprus for 7 Missing Women, Girls; Suspect in Custody

A huge selection of individuals resulted in for a protest vigil outside Cyprus’ presidential palace Friday to mourn seven women and girls who police state a army officer confessed to killing and also to concern if authorities did not adequately investigate whenever international employees had been reported lacking.

The protest’s organizer utilized a bullhorn to learn out of the victims’ safe names along with those of other women that are missing as well as others in the memorial shouted “Where will they be?” in reaction. Some participants held placards sexist that is decrying misogynist and racist” attitudes about women that act as housekeepers or in low-paying solution jobs.

Just exactly What everyone wants is justice

A group of tearful Filipino women held lighted candles and bowed their heads in prayer for the three women and one child of Filipino descent who are believed to be among the victims in a poignant moment. A 35-year-old Cypriot nationwide Guard captain is in custody facing multiple homicide costs.

“I felt obliged to accomplish something for those ladies, all of the lacking females, all of the killed ladies,” protest organizer Maria Mappouridou said.